A Baltimore Criminal and Personal Injury Lawyer Who Gets Results

There are many reasons that Baltimore citizens should work with David B. Shapiro on a personal injury claim or to fight your criminal charges. His past clients love him. He has a vast amount of experience and knowledge from his more than 22 years in law. He’s a Baltimore native who not only cares about the people in this city, but understands the legal and political players and how to get things done.

But none of this would matter if Mr. Shapiro didn’t have a track record of success to back up his passion and drive. He hasn’t just been working as a Baltimore lawyer for two-plus decades – he has been helping his clients to win.

Personal injury clients walk away with the compensation they need to jump back into their lives and move forward again. Clients who have been charged with a crime often get those charges reduced or dropped altogether. Again and again, David B. Shapiro has been able to help his clients to secure the best possible outcome for their situation. See for yourself by checking out some of his case results below.

  • Felony DUI Charges

    The client was found NOT GUILTY due to police misconduct.


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