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Criminal Law Attorney in Baltimore MDHere at the law offices of David Shapiro we think that making a difference in people’s lives starts with having a different approach. We understand the pressures and confusion that people can encounter when confronted with being a victim of a personal injury, or when the reality of needing a criminal defense attorney arises. And we take great pride in the fact that we listen carefully to each client’s unique situation and get to know them, their needs and their circumstances. From the beginning, we help navigate our clients through the process and are always there when you need us. We represent individuals and families in a wide array of serious personal injury claims in the Baltimore area, and throughout Maryland and the U.S.


There For You

If you are facing criminal charges, your choice of an attorney is a very important decision, especially if you are hoping to avoid a conviction. Not all Baltimore criminal defense attorneys are equal in talent and in the manner in which they address your case.

We take a different approach than most other firms because our personal injury attorneys understand the hardship and adversity that people go through as a consequence of being injured by the recklessness of another. We take pride in the fact that we are able to get involved in what is often one of the worst situations a person can go through, and help that person and their family stand up to the problem at hand – and we try our best to fix what can be fixed. We understand that insurance companies and corporations’ agenda in personal injury litigation is to pay as little as possible on every claim – regardless of fault or harm suffered. That is the reason why we work diligently every day to ensure that people with a serious personal injury, a criminal case, DUI or other legal matters are treated fairly under the law, and NOT forced to accept a less than fair settlement. If the other side refuses to play fair, our attorneys will take your case to trial so that a jury can decide what is fair compensation for the loss you have suffered.

We Care Because

Our background has had a great deal to do with the way we work and how we approach each case. Having grown up in Maryland, our partners were raised to believe that people treat each other fairly and do the right thing by each other. Unfortunately, that is not the motto of a lot of other insurance companies and corporations. That is why our attorneys strive every day to help people with every serious occurrence they may be facing. And while we can‘t take away the harm or injury that has come upon a person or family, we can fight to help make any situation, whether it criminal or otherwise, a little easier. Ultimately, it is our satisfaction in seeing our clients’ lives changed for the better, to right the wrongs done and bring justice to unfair situations. Call 410-576-9100 for a free consultation.

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